Five Ways to Divorce

Kitchen Table

Collaborative PRocess


Lawyer Led Negotiations


Benefits of the Collaborative Process

No Court & N0n-Adversarial

Your family’s needs direct the process, not court requirements. As a result, there are no argumentative, accusatory, or threatening letters between lawyers. Instead, the lawyers work to contain conflict using effective problem-solving to resolve issues. In addition, the process is more private compared to the public nature of court documents.

Preserves Family Relationships

Parties are encouraged to treat each other respectfully promoting more positive post-divorce relations and peaceful co-parenting. Collaboration focuses on the needs and best interests of children, seeking to minimize the impact of the divorce on them, rather than risk having the children used as financial and emotional surrogates for other issues.

You Are in Control

Collaboration is done with you. You get to control the time, subject matter, priorities, and solutions. There is no agreement until you and your partner agree.  This is in contrast to court imposed deadlines that can force you into poorly considered compromises that don’t really resolve issues and can lead to further litigation.

Lowers Costs

Because there are no court appearances and little paperwork, the total cost of the collaborative process is generally far less than the cost of going to court to litigate the divorce. The actual cost depends on how long it takes to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Benefits of Working with TCDP

Our Approach

TCDP is committed to educating, empowering and enlightening each family, and we aspire to transform dispute resolution into a healing process for clients, practitioners, and the larger community.

Our Qualifications

TCDP members have been trained in collaborative dispute resolution, cooperative negotiation, and creative problem solving, and our members pledge to uphold the ethical standards set forth by the IACP.

Open Group

TCDP is open to all professionals that meet our criteria and agree to uphold our vision, mission, & values. This means more choice for divorcing couples and a more inclusive community for professionals.

Thoughts from Our Professionals

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