Collaborative Prenuptial Agreement

The better way to prepare a prenuptial negotiation agreement: each partner should hire a collaborative attorney and conduct the negotiations in a collaborative environment!

Working Together – Not Apart

With both attorneys present you can explore your shared vision for your marriage & discuss your concerns regarding what would happen in the event of divorce.

Financial Specialist

If the marriage involves at least one person who has acquired wealth, a financial neutral can help create a plan that addresses the needs of each prospective spouse.

Marriage Counselor

A collaborative-trained marriage counselor can help navigate the emotional minefields frequently caused by outside influencers. Such influencers might include adult children from a previous marriage or might be parents of the couple entering into a first marriage.

Efficient Process

Negotiating, drafting and editing a prenuptial agreement takes time. The collaborative process is very efficient as both attorneys are present when the discussions take place. With time being of the essence in most cases, this is a practical advantage of using the collaborative process to negotiate your prenuptial agreement.