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My Collaborative Team is sponsoring an Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training

ZOOM Meeting

My Collaborative Team is proud to sponsor a virtual Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training presented by the Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers. Starting on May 4th, this training will meet for 5 3-hour sessions running through May 18th. Only 20-spots remaining. Early Bird pricing runs until April 15th!

TCDP Members Meeting

ZOOM Meeting

TCDP Members Meeting, April 09. 2021 at 1:00. Dr. Katrina Kuzysyn-Jones will be discussing engaging the Mental Health Professional as Divorce Coaches in the collaborative divorce process

IACP Webinar: Home Will Never Be The Same Again: How Their Parents’ Divorce Affects Adult Children of Gray Divorce

IACP Monthly Webinar - March 2021 As the divorce rate for adults 50 and older soars, so too does the number of adult children experiencing parental divorce.Although adult children are major stakeholders in their parents’ divorce, they are too often forgotten. They frequently say that when they talk about their emotional concerns and experiences, the […]