Benefits of TCDP

In addition to being part of TCDP’s dynamic organization dedicated to peaceful resolution of family conflicts for the greater health and well-being of all involved, membership in the Triangle Collaborative Divorce Professionals practice group provides the following benefits.


TCDP will provide an individual web page listing in our “Find a Professional” section on our website with information about your professional background, your practice, and all contact information. You’ll also be given the opportunity to promote your practice through event postings while also demonstrating your expertise through blog posts and online sharing of articles and white papers.

Cutting Edge

You’ll receive notice of Collaborative Practice training opportunities at the local, regional, state, and national levels. This will help you keep up to date on Collaborative news and best practices. In addition, there will be opportunities to advance your Collaborative Practice through sharing among TCDP members tools, best practices, and other resources.

Support for Your Practice

Professional communities like TCDP help their members work more effectively, with less burnout, through support from Collaborative colleagues.


You’ll meet likeminded colleagues, expand referral networks, and generate more business through your community connections.


You’ll be connected to and become a part of the broader Triangle Collaborative community as you network at member social gatherings and meetings.

Be the Change

You’ll have an opportunity to participate in outreach and education to help consumers understand the value of Collaborative Practice to them and their friends and families.

Join us!

A single referral via your membership in TCDP could easily produce enough revenue to cover your membership fees for a decade!