Criteria for TCDP Membership

All members of TCDP must meet five core membership criteria as follows.

1. Professional Credentials. Meet professional credentialing requirements for your functional area as summarized below.


Members must meet all three of the following criteria.

    i. Have completed a Juris Doctor degree.

    ii. Maintain good standing with the North Carolina State Bar.

    iii. Have been practicing law for at least 3 years with at least a 50% focus in family law.

Financial Professionals

Members must meet all three of the following criteria.

    i. Be in good standing with one of the following professional designations.


         b. CPA – Certified Public Accountant

    ii. Be in good standing with the CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) designation.

    iii. Have at least 3 years of experience serving clients directly in comprehensive financial planning.

Mental Health Professionals

Members must meet all three of the following criteria.

   i. Hold current license of PhD, PsyD, LP, LPA, LCSW, LCMHC, or LMFT.

   ii. Maintain good standing with your North Carolina licensing board.

   iii. Have at least 3 years of related professional experience.

2. Collaborative Training. Members must satisfy both of the following training requirements.

     a. Completed 12-hour Introductory Collaborative Practice Training or Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training prior to becoming a member.

      b. Complete 2 hours of continuing education annually for collaborative, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, or similar programs.

3. Support TCDP Mission. All members must annually attest to uphold the TCDP’s mission, membership requirements, and comply with the ethical requirements of your profession.

4. Practice Group Participation. All members must attend 50% of the TCDP’s announced meetings. If unforeseen circumstances prevent attendance at 50% of meetings, then the member must perform 2 hours of time in committee work (e.g., website, membership, program committee, publications/media), membership tasks approved by the Executive Board, or speaking engagements related to the TCDP’s mission.

5. Pay Annual Membership Fee. All members must pay $195 per year to maintain their membership in TCDP.